Jewelry Care

Proper caring and maintenance is necessary for any fine jewelry. If you follow these recommended tips, sterling silver care is incredibly easy! These methods will help prolong the longevity and beauty of your pieces for years to come!


Keep it Dry

Pure water by itself doesn't damage sterling silver, but most of the water we're exposed to in our daily lives is not purified. Chemicals and contaminants in the water can result in tarnished and dull looking silver, so it's best to know what's what when it comes to water.  

  • Shower. It's not a great idea to shower with your jewelry on, but once in a while isn't going to do any lasting damage. Just make sure to dry it after.
  • Swimming Pool. Take your silver off. Chlorine is a pretty harsh chemical, so if you accidentally forget to remove your silver jewelry before hopping in, make sure to rinse and clean it afterward. 
  • Hot Tub. Same idea as the swimming pool, but there's even more chlorine in the hot tub and the heat can accelerate the chemical reaction. 
  • Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. Apply them first, let them dry, and then put your jewelry on. This alone can make a HUGE difference in your silver's luster. 



  • You need appropriate storage for your stunning pieces. And, you need to be diligent about maintenance. 
  • Air exposure can tarnish your delicate silver. It's best to store silver in individual, airtight bags. These types of bags keep air exposure out, a zip plastic bag is a great alternative
  • It’s best not to bunch several pieces in the same bag to save time or space. This can create tangling, scratching, tarnish.
  • Finally, if you are traveling with your jewelry (because we know you want to look glamorous when in paradiso), be sure to use a special case for protection!



  • Silver is delicate, and, despite our best efforts, it can still get dirty. Fortunately, sterling silver care can be as easy. To do this, use a simple microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth (not paper towels) to clean your goods. 
  • Focus on maintaining long up-and-down strokes to clean the jewelry. Be sure to use different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading any tarnish.